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Facebook Tutorial – How to Post a YouTube Video on Facebook

How to Post a YouTube Video on Facebook

1.) Go to the YouTube website and search for a video you want to share using the search bar.


2.) Click a video from the search results.


3.) Click the “Share” button located beneath the left corner of the video.


4.) Click the Facebook “f” icon in the sharing options pane that appears.


5.) Log in to Facebook using the email and password associated with your Facebook account when prompted. Note: You will only be prompted to log in to your Facebook account if you are not already.


6.) Select which aspects of your Facebook account you want to share the video with using the drop down menu. For example, you can select to post it to a friend’s wall, your own wall, in a group, or a in a private message.


– If you select any option other than “On your own Wall”, you will be prompted to enter the name of the friend or group you want to share the video with.


7.) Enter a message to post with the video. (Optional)

Enter a message to post with the video. (Optional)

8.) Click the “Share link” button to automatically post the video and complete the process.


[box] Facebook is a great tool to share your own videos as well. The more hype you are getting about your content the better it will rank in the search engines.[/box]




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