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Photoshop Tutorial – How To Add Shadows To Your Objects in Photoshop

Add Shadows to your objects in Photoshop

In this video tutorial you will learn Add Shadows to your objects in Photoshop.

1. The first thing you want to do is decide what object you want to apply the shadow to. (Text, Image, etc.)

2. Duplicate your layer (Text Layer for Text, Image Layer for an Image)

3. Drag your copy layer below the original layer. Just click on the layer and hold down the mouse and drag the copy layer below the original.

4. Rasterize the copy layer by right clicking on it and then select “Rasterize Layer”.

5. Next, select your copy layer and then click Edit > Transform > Distort.

6. This will allow you to take the copy layer and drag it anywhere that you want as well as manipulate each point individually.

7. Once you are able to distort the copy layer you then want to manipulate the object so that it appears to cast a shadow on the original layer.

When doing this play around with different angles and locations for this layer to get a different look. With each location you can actually change to look of the object by changing the light source.

8. Next you need to apply a Gaussian Blur by clicking Filter < Blur < Gaussian Blur (Make sure that you have your copy layer selected).

9. Change the radius for the Gaussian Blur to 3.2-4.0 depending on the object you are applying the shadow to.

10. The last thing that you want to do is decrease the opacity of the copy layer so that the shadow is less visible than the original layer.Add Shadows to your objects in Photoshop

That is it! Now you know how to Add Shadows to your objects in Photoshop!

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