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Photoshop Tutorial – Apply Digital Tattoos In Photoshop

In this video tutorial I show you how to apply digital tattoos in Photoshop.

In order to apply a digital tattoo to your subject in Photoshop you need to do the following:

1.) First you need to have your subject in a separate file than your Tattoo design.

2.) Next, you need to open up your tattoo design and select your magic wand tool and delete all of the white background. (The background needs to be transparent).

3.) After your ENTIRE background of your design is transparent you can then drag it over to your subject image.

4.) Make sure that the “Show Transform Controls” is checked in the upper left hand corner.

5.) Resize and rotate your tattoo on your subject the way you want it and place the design.

6.) Change the layer blend mode to “Multiply”

7.) Take the opacity of your design layer down to 75-85

8.) Apply a Gaussian blur to your design layer

You have now applied a Digital Tattoo in photoshop!


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