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Photoshop Tutorial: Create Rainbow Eyes in Photoshop

In this photoshop tutorial I show you how to create Rainbow Eyes in Photoshop. It is a fun technique that will really impress your friends and family!

In order to create Rainbow Eyes in Photoshop follow the following steps:

1.) Select the image that you want to apply the effect to. (Make sure the ENTIRE eye is visible and that the eyelashes are not in the way).

2.) Create a new layer to add the color on

3.) Select your paint brush tool and grab very vibrant colors and paint different colored dots all around the eye on your new layer. (Avoid getting any color in the pupil)

4.) After you have dones this you will need to change the blend mode of your layer to Overlay.

5.) Adjust your opacity of this layer down to 25-45 depending on the picture and the amount of color you want to show.

6.) The last thing that you want to do is select your color layer and apply a motion blur by going to Filter — Blur — Motion Blur


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