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How to update all of your iOS Apps at Once

In this tutorial you will learn how to update all of your iOS apps at once. 

When you are using your iPhone, iPod, or iPad you will have certain times when you have TONS of applications that need to be updated. There is an easy way to update all of your applications all at once.

Follow these steps to update all of your iOS Applications at once:

1.) First you need to plug your iOS device into your computer

2.) Next, you need to open up itunes.

3.) Once you have iTunes opened up you should see your iOS device under the devices panal, you need to select it.

4.) Under your device you will see an option that says applications, select this.

5.) After you are in the applications panal you will see a button in the lower right side of the screen that says “Update All Free Applications”, click on this.

This will automatically start updating all of your FREE applications and will sync them to your iOS device immediately after they have been updated.


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