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iTunes Tutorial – How To Redeem An iTunes Gift Card

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to redeem your iTunes giftcard.

1.) Open up iTunes and login to your iTunes account.

itunes account login

2.) Once you are logged in go back to the iTunes store home page.


itunes store


3.) In the top right hand corner under “Quick Links” the first link you will see is “Redeem” click on this.

redeem itunes gift card

4.) Once you have clicked on the Redeem link you will then be prompted to enter in your iTunes Gift Card code. Insert the code in the provided box.


Redeem Itunes Code


5.) After you have your code typed in click on the Redeem button and you now have your funds in your iTunes account!


Here is a video tutorial on how to redeem your iTunes Gift Card


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iTunes Tutorial – How To Add Album Art To Your Songs

How To Add Album Art To Your Songs

[box] If you are a neat freak like myself you are bothered by songs in your iTunes library that do not have Album Art. It is very easy to search google images for the specific album artwork you are looking for and then go into the iTunes options and upload it to the right song.[/box]


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Pages Tutorial – How To Save Pages Document As A Word Document

Pages To Word

[box] In this tutorial I will be showing you how to convert pages documents into word documents. Pages is Apple’s version of Microsoft Word. It is a fantastic word processor that is part of the iWork suite that includes Pages (Microsoft Word), Numbers (Microsoft Excel), and Keynote (Microsoft Powerpoint). At it’s core pages is a great word processor that gets the job done.[/box]

In the business and education sphere, a lot of times if you are a Mac user you have to find work arounds because your peers most likely use Windows. If you own a Mac and use Pages as your primary word processor you will most likely need to convert a pages document into a compatiable word document. Below, I have listed a step by step process on how to do this.

1.) Open up your document (Duh!)

2.) Select File > Export

Convert Pages To Word Document

3.) Next, select Word document and click next.

Pages to Word Document

4.) Give your document the name you want and then click export

Pages To Word Document

[box type=”info”] After you have followed these steps you can now find your document that you have just saved and it will be compatible with Microsoft Word 08-11.[/box]

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