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Photoshop CS6 Tutorial – Layers For Beginners

photoshop layers tutorial

In this video tutorial we take a look at layers in Photoshop CS6. Layers are a core component of Photoshop and understanding how to properly use them will get you a long way in becoming a great Photoshop user. This is a video tutorial “Layers for Beginners”.


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Design Photoshop Video Tutorials

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial: Color Splash Effect (For Beginners)

In this video tutorial I show you how to acheive the color splash effect.

A color splash effect is one in which the majority of the image is Black and White BUT there is a specific part of the image that remains in color!

In order to apply this effect you need to do the following:

1.) First you must make your image the background layer and then duplicate it.

2.) Once duplicated you need to go to image < adjustments < black and white.

3.) After the image is changed over to black and white you then need to select the eraser tool and start erasing over the part of the image that you want to be in color.

4.) Because you have duplicated the layer once you erase the original layer which is still in full color will come through.



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Design Photoshop Video Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorial – Photo Color Correction with the Eyedropper Tool

In this video tutorial you will learn a simple photoshop technique that will allow you to color correct your washed out images in photoshop by using the eyedropper tools within the curves adjustment layer.


Photo Color Correction















There are many ways to remedy a washed out photo, BUT by using the eyedropper tools you can actually grap the darks, mids, and lights from your image and use them to correct a lot of the problems!

Photo color correction is at times tedious, but with this technique it will have your photos looking great in no time!

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