YouTube Tutorial – How To Create A Youtube Playlist

As you continue in your YouTube career there are certain things that will make or break your channel. Playlists are one of those things. If you have videos that are related to the same subject it is mandatory if you want to get the most views possible to create a playlist for those videos. If someone is watching a video about youtube in all likelihood they are going to want to watch other videos about youtube.

[box type=”info”] What is a YouTube playlist? A youtube playlist is a collection of similar videos that a viewer can watch in order. [/box]

The following steps below will guide you on how to create your first playlist and add videos to it.

1.) First you need to be logged into your youtube account and go to your video manager.

Youtube video manager

2.) Next you will need to click on the playlist link on the far left side of the screen.

Youtube Playlist Link

3) Once you are in the playlist tab select +New Playlist at the top of the screen

New Youtube Playlist Link

4.) After you have selected “Add New Playlist”, you need to add a “Playlist Name and Description”

YT Playlist Name Descriptioin

5.) Go ahead and add a title and description for your new playlist and select create playlist

6.) After you have created your playlist you will be able to edit the options for your playlist. You can make it public or private, allow comments, make it sharable, and much more.

How To Add Videos To Your Playlist:

Ok, now you have a playlist BUT you need to put videos in it!

1.) Go back to your Video Manager and then select the video you want to add to a playlist by putting a checkbox by the video you want to add.

Youtube TickerBox

2.) After you have all of the videos checked that you want to add go to the top of the screen and click on the “Add To” box and then your playlist should show up and you can just select the playlist you want to add the videos to.

Add To Youtube Playlist

Once you have finished the process you should be able to go to your playlists and see the videos that you have just added.

[box] Playlists are a wonderful way to sort your content. It allows you to create your own mini-series. I would recommend anyone who is trying to be successful at youtube to look into creating playlists. [/box]

Video Tutorial On How To Create A Youtube Playlists:




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