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HTML5 Tutorial – How To Create A Link In HTML5

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HTML5 is such a great tool and very easy to use. One of the first things that you will need to understand when coding in HTML5 will be how to create a link. In this tutorial I am going to be showing you how to create a link that is masked by different text.

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We will be coding the following:

Hey guys go check out my YouTube Channel for more great tech tips and reviews!

In order to create links in HTML5 you need to understand a few things.

HREF = The destination link (In this example href =, which is my youtube channel link).

Also, you need to understand that in order to create a link you must have your opening and closing code which is:

<a> – Opening

</a> – Clsoing

The exact code looks like this:

Hey guys go check out my <a href=””>YouTube Channel</a> for more great tech tips and reviews!

As stated before href is your destination link and “YouTube Channel” is your text link mask. Your readers will see “YouTube Channel”, and when they click on the link it will take them to my YouTube channel page.


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