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How to Clean a Touch Screen

How To Clean A Touch Screen

Smudges all over the touchscreen or an evident fingerprint trail of the latest must-have game you’re addicted to imprinted on the screen? Playing to much angry birds, or just the day to day use of a touch screen device. Regular cleaning of the touchscreen of your cell phone, tablet, MP3 player or any other touch screen device is essential for its upkeep and longevity.

1.) Choose a microfiber cloth. This is ideal for cleaning a touchscreen. Some devices will have such a cloth included or perhaps you can borrow one you use on your sunglasses.

2.) Turn off the device before commencing to clean it, by doing this it will allow you to see the smudges and smears much better than if the device is on.

3.) Give the screen a once over by brushing it with the microfiber in small circles. This will get rid of the majority of the smudges that are on the screen.

4.) Only if truly needed, moisten a cotton cloth, even the corner of your cotton shirt, and repeat the small circular motions. Only do this if the smudges are severe on the device. BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO GET YOUR DEVICE WET.

5.) Brush again with the microfiber cloth to finish off. After you have gently rubbed the screen with a wet cloth go over it again with a dry one and this should have your screen looking like new in no time!



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