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Tumblr Tutorial – How To Change Your Tumblr Theme (Updated)

In this Tumblr tutorial I show you how to change your tumblr theme.

In order to change your tumblr theme you need to follow the following steps:

1.) First login to your tumblr account and go to your dashboard

2.) Click on the cog/gear icon in the upper right hand corner.

3.) You are now in the settings, and you need to click on your tumblr’s page name in the bottome right side of the screen.

4.) Once you have done that you will see a customize button under the “Themes” option. Click that

5.) Once you are at the themes selection screen you can just select which theme you like and click on the use button at the top of the screen.

6.) After you have finished all of this you can now save it by clicking the green button at the top left of the screen and you now have a new tumblr theme!


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