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How To Add A Logo Watermark To ALL of your YouTube Videos


In trying to grow your YouTube audience having an easy way for your viewers to subscribe is KEY. When adding a watermark to your videos it adds a graphical way for your audience to subscribe to your Channel.

YouTube provides you with something called Invideo Programming. It allows you to upload a small version of your logo/branding and have a DIRECT link to subscribe to your channel.


Follow these steps to place a watermark on all of your videos.

1.) Login to your YouTube account.

2.) Go to the InVideo Settings option.

3.) Once you are there you are going to see some different options. The first thing that you want to do is upload your logo/branding image that you want to be your watermark on each video.

TIP: The best format of picture to use is a transparent background .PNG file. These generally look better on all videos.

4.) After you have your logo uploaded you can choose when you want the watermark to appear, and for this, you have 3 different options.

  • Entire Video
  • Last 15 Seconds
  • Custom Tim

5.) Once you have chosen when you want your watermark to appear you can then save your changes and will now have a Clickable watermark image on ALL of your current and future YouTube videos.

How To Add A Logo Watermark To ALL of your YouTube Videos 

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  • Atanaryon Oct 30,2014 at 3:22 pm

    Simply perfect. And here I was going crazy to find a video editing software for my mobile in order to have my logo added to my videos.
    Thanks very much!!!!

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