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Pixelmator Tutorial – Basic Rundown Of Design Tools and Overview

In this video tutorial we are taking a look at the application Pixelmator. Pixelmator is a great application that is similar to photoshop in many ways.

Pixelmator is photo editing software at its best, and in this video we talk about all of the different design tools and options you will be using in your first few weeks and months of using Pixelmator.

Tools discussed in this video:

Move Tool

Crop Tool

Marquee Selection Tool

Elipse Selection Tool

Rectangular Selection Tool

Slice Tool

Type Tool

Shape Tool

Gradient Tool

Burn Tool

Dodge Tool

Smudge Tool

Eraser Tool

Brush Tool

Pen Tool

Freeform Pen Tool

Sponge Tool

Clone Stamp Tool

Healing Tool

Red Eye Tool

These are just the basics of what you will be learning in this beginner Pixelmator tutorial.


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