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How To Add A Logo Watermark To ALL of your YouTube Videos


In trying to grow your YouTube audience having an easy way for your viewers to subscribe is KEY. When adding a watermark to your videos it adds a graphical way for your audience to subscribe to your Channel.

YouTube provides you with something called Invideo Programming. It allows you to upload a small version of your logo/branding and have a DIRECT link to subscribe to your channel.


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Minecraft Tutorials Social Media Video Tutorials

Minecraft – How To Make Glowstone In Minecraft

how to make glowstone in minecraft

Minecraft – How To Make Glowstone In Minecraft

Glowstone is Used to create brighter light source than torches. It also Melts snow and ice and can be used underwater. If mined again without Silk Touch, it turns back into Glowstone dust.

Materials needed: 4 Glowstone Dust


how to make glowstone in minecraft

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How To Internet Social Media Twitter Video Tutorials

How to delete your Twitter Account – Quick and Easy

delete twitter account

In this video tutorial you will learn how to delete your Twitter account. If you are wanting to remove your twitter account you can follow these simple few steps and remove your twitter account.

Remember that you CANNOT login to your Twitter account for 30 days in order for the account to be removed completely.

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Facebook Social Media

Facebook Tutorial – How To Disable Facebook Email Notifications

In this video tutorial you will learn how to disable Facebook email notifications. Facebook is great for stuffing your inbox FULL of those Facebook notifications. It is a great way for them to get you distracted by Facebook as if this wasn’t already the case.

In order to disable these pesky notifications you will need to do the following:

1.) First you need to login to your Facebook account

2. Next, you need to go to account settings.

disable facebook notifications













3.) Click on the notifications tab on the left side of the screen.

4.) Lastly, you need to check the box that says “Send me important updates and summary emails instead of individual notification emails”.

Disable facebook notifications






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Pinterest Social Media Video Tutorials

How To Create a Secret Board On Pinterest (Private Board)

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to create a secret board on Pinterest. A secret board is one that can only be seen by you (the creator of the board) and the people that you invite via email through Pinterest.


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Facebook Social Media Video Tutorials

How to Change Your Facebook Color Scheme in Google Chrome

In this video tutorial I show you how to change your Facebook color scheme. If you download the Facebook color changer you can change the color of your Facebook user interface within the Google Chrome browser.

If you are tired of the “Facebook Blue” and want to change it up a bit, then check this google chrome extension out.


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Google+ Social Media

How To Make short URL for Google+ profile with

How To Make short URL for Google+ profile with

Google+ is Google’s social media platform. I have grown to love this platform over the past few months. One of the things that has bothered me is that when you create a Google+ profile page, the URL is something like this:

With you can actually create your own unique Google+ short URL. I will show you below how to do this.

1.) The first thing that you will need is your original Google+ URL, and it will look like this:

2.) Once you have found your long URL from Google+ you need to copy it from the web browser and then go to

3.) Once you are at the home page you will see a place to choose your nick name and then a place to type in your current long Google+ URL. Type both of this in the suggested box.

4.) Once you have typed both your new nick name and your current Google+ long url you can click the add button and you now have a new short Google+ url that you can share with the world and it doesn’t consist of 10 million numbers and is actually customized to your name/brand.


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Facebook Tutorial – How to Post a YouTube Video on Facebook

How to Post a YouTube Video on Facebook

1.) Go to the YouTube website and search for a video you want to share using the search bar.


2.) Click a video from the search results.


3.) Click the “Share” button located beneath the left corner of the video.


4.) Click the Facebook “f” icon in the sharing options pane that appears.


5.) Log in to Facebook using the email and password associated with your Facebook account when prompted. Note: You will only be prompted to log in to your Facebook account if you are not already.


6.) Select which aspects of your Facebook account you want to share the video with using the drop down menu. For example, you can select to post it to a friend’s wall, your own wall, in a group, or a in a private message.


– If you select any option other than “On your own Wall”, you will be prompted to enter the name of the friend or group you want to share the video with.


7.) Enter a message to post with the video. (Optional)

Enter a message to post with the video. (Optional)

8.) Click the “Share link” button to automatically post the video and complete the process.


[box] Facebook is a great tool to share your own videos as well. The more hype you are getting about your content the better it will rank in the search engines.[/box]




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Submit Your Technology Tutorial Today

Tech Tutorial Submit Feature

Do you have a tutorial that you would like to share with the masses! Well here is your chance. All you need to do is fill out this form and click submit! Please provide us with your name, the instructions to the tutorial, and any other information that you would like to provide us with. If you provide a website URL we will link to your site from ours and you can do the same. If you do have a video tutorial please provide us with the URL of the video and we will embedd it onto the site.

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[box type=”warning”] We will not accept any content that is vulgar or inappropriate. We will only accept content that will be beneficial to our viewers![/box] Tech Tutorial Submit Feature

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Pinterest Social Media

Info Graphics Are Taking Over The Web

A few months ago a site called Pinterest was revealed and has since become a social media giant. One of the main reasons behind this is because of the visual nature of Pinterest and the unique feel of the site. Info graphics have been around for a while BUT with Pinterest it has been taken to a different level. If you go to the Pinterest home page and scroll down almost 40-60 percent of the pins will involve some type of info graphic.

What is an Info Graphic?

Ok, so we need to first start out by stating what an Info Graphic is. An info graphic is a visual information sheet. It is an image that contains numbers, percentages, pictures, and much more. It is a visual way of explaining a topic.

Here is an example below:

Info Graphic

As you can see in this image it contains numbers, graphs, and much more. This is a fantastic way to learn about a topic as well as a fantastic tool to generate traffic back to your site. An interesting and well designed info graphic can do amazing things as far as traffic to your site is concerned.

How can info graphics generate traffic?

In today’s SEO world with google changing the game every couple of months the best link juice is STILL links back to your site. Lets say you post a well done info graphic onto Pinterest and it gets re-pinned 25 times. That is 25 different instances of your link! This is a great source of not only traffic but link juice as well. When info graphics are shared via pinterest and any other social sharing service it is creating links back to YOU.

How do you make GOOD Info Graphics

Making good info graphics involves more than throwing up some numbers and pretty bar graphs. The content is still KING. If you are wanting to design your own info graphic there are a few ways of doing this.

[tabs slidertype=”top tabs”] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]Design It Yourself[/tabtext] [tabtext]Hire Someone[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] If you are a good designer and can really make your info graphics look good you can do this with programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I will warn you though, if you are not experienced with design and have no clue what you are doing DO NOT try and make an info graphic your self.

If you are not a person who is familiar with design OR you just don’t have the time, you can always hire someone. Fiverr – Go to and see if anyone is offering to design an info graphic for $5.00 eLance – Go to and hire a designer to design one for you!
[/tabcontent] [/tabs]

Will the trend of Info Graphics continue in the future

I believe that this trend is here to stay. When you are talking about how people learn today we are becoming more and more of a visual learning society. We want our information in bite size form so we can digest it and move on. Info graphics are a quick way of gathering information about a topic rather than reading a one thousand word post. With Pinterest and other sites becoming more relevant I believe that Info Graphics are here to stay!

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