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How To Make short URL for Google+ profile with

How To Make short URL for Google+ profile with

Google+ is Google’s social media platform. I have grown to love this platform over the past few months. One of the things that has bothered me is that when you create a Google+ profile page, the URL is something like this:

With you can actually create your own unique Google+ short URL. I will show you below how to do this.

1.) The first thing that you will need is your original Google+ URL, and it will look like this:

2.) Once you have found your long URL from Google+ you need to copy it from the web browser and then go to

3.) Once you are at the home page you will see a place to choose your nick name and then a place to type in your current long Google+ URL. Type both of this in the suggested box.

4.) Once you have typed both your new nick name and your current Google+ long url you can click the add button and you now have a new short Google+ url that you can share with the world and it doesn’t consist of 10 million numbers and is actually customized to your name/brand.


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