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Top 5 iPhone and iPad Games of February 2014

Here is a list of my Top 5 iPhone and iPad Games from February 2014.

1.) Adventure Time – Card Wars – This is a “Magic The Gathering” like digital card game. This game is from cartoon network and it is an absolute BLAST. The game lets you progress through a single player campaign that puts you up against the different characters from the Adventure Time cartoon show. If you haven’t already pick this game up, it is loads of fun and has great replayablility. This game is $2.99 in the app store.









2.) Threes – In the number 2 spot this month is the absolutely amazing puzzle game “Threes”. The object of this game is the match 2’s and 1’s to make 3’s and then combine the same numbers divisible by 3 with each other to make larger numbers. The larger the numbers that you create the higher the score you will accumulate. No more words need to be said. Click The Download Button Immediately.









3.) Disco Zoo – This is the surprise pick of the month for me. The game is from a collaboration from Nimblebit and Futile Games. This game is a time based game that has you building a Zoo over time. You unlock new animals and as you progress they level up to bring in more money to your Digital Zoo. Not impressed yet??? ITS FREE









4.) Joe Danger Infinity – This game is a follow up to one of my all time favorite iOS games the original “Joe Danger”. This game has you “Joe” on different types of vehicles and then puts you through various levels and has you using the multi-touch features to progress through the different stages. The best part of this game is definitely the unlockables. As you progress through the different stages of the game you unlock new characters and vehicles. 








5.) Castle Doombad – The second game from Cartoon Network that made the list this month. Castle Doombad is a different take on a Tower Defense game. It has you placing different weapons and buildings into the castle to protect the princess from incoming bad guys.








*** DISCLAIMER: This is my list and most likely it is different than yours! Just let me know what your top games of February 2014 are! 



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