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iTunes Tutorial: How To Delete Duplicate Songs In iTunes

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In this video tutorial you will learn how to Delete Duplicate Songs In iTunes

In order to see all of your duplicate songs follow these steps:

1.) Open itunes and go to your library

2.) Once you are in your library go to File > View Duplicates

3.) Once itunes displays all of the songs in your library that have duplicates you need to select 1 of each song and then press delete.

4.) When the box comes up that asks to you want to delete the file itself OR just remove from your library MAKE SURE THAT YOU COOSE REMOVE FROM LIBRARY.

5.) If you choose delete file it will remove the song COMPLETELY.

This tutorial is for iTunes 8-10. If you have iTunes 11 this will work the same way BUT currently there is a bug that does not allow you to see the “Display Duplicates” option. This will be available and will work the same way as soon as Apple updates iTunes 11.



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