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How To Download Youtube Videos (Free and Easy)

Youtube has millions of videos uploaded a month, and is full of great content. In some cases you may want to download a youtube video to use for personal projects. In this tutorial I will show you an easy way on how to download  youtube videos to your hard drive.

1.) First, you will need to locate the Youtube video that you want to download.

2.) Copy the URL for that video (Command C for Mac and Control C for Windows).


3.) Go to www.zamzar.com

4.) Once you are at Zamzar.com you will see a tab that says “Download Videos”, click this link.

5.) In step one paste the Youtube video URL link that you copied earlier. (Command P for Mac and Control P for Windows).

5.) In step two you will select the format you want the video to be. (MP4, WMV, etc.)

6.) In step three type your email address in the box.

7.) Once you have done all of this, click on the convert button in step four.

8.) Once you have selected convert you will see the video being uploaded. As soon as the video is uploaded you will see a message that says “We will send the video to the provided email address.”

9.) Depending on how large the file is it may take 5-30 minutes for the video to be sent to your email.

10.) Once the video has been sent to your email, just download the video to your computer and you are good to go!

[box type=”info”] Always remember when using someone else’s content that you must get their permission.[/box]


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